Artist statement


As an artist working in several mediums (Photography, Chasing & Repoussé, Printmaking and Fabric Design), I try to incorporate one of three elements, if not all, into my work.  These elements are abstract, organic and sensual.


It is not the strict discipline of seeking the elements that matters but rather letting an impression speak for itself. Everyday we are inundated with commercial images encroaching into our space, vying for and grabbing our attention. Often in our hyper-driven quickened lives we miss the splendor that is all around us. 


When taking photographs, it is the vision of unseen beauty that I am seeking. The striking appearance of something that gives me pause, while yet formerly going unnoticed. It is in those moments when the ordinary becomes extraordinary that the lens beckons me forward. I like to believe I am blessed with an eye to capture what is often ignored in the hopes of making it astonishing.


It is said that, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.  I desire to allow photography to give the beholder more reasons to find the beauty. Pictures that provide opportunities to “stop and smell the roses” of the gardens we all too commonly miss. Most importantly I hope my creative endeavors inspire you to share the unseen majesty in your world.

© 2016 By Margo Kessler Cook