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I'm an International award-winning Fine Art Photographer also a self-taught artist working in several mediums. My portfolio consists of a variety of images with an emphasis on black-and-white architectural photos.


One of my passions is architecture. I am seeking the vision of unseen beauty; a quiet reflection upon the architects’ abilities to give us buildings that defy the ordinary, creating visual masterpieces, true works of art.  Buildings are not only structures and an organized system of details but they’re a photographic canvas. In most of my work, I try to incorporate one, if not all of these three elements; abstract, organic, and sensual. I take time to seek the often overlooked and unnoticed details and apply those elements.  It’s about looking for shapes, forms, contours, and lines, then extracting and distinctively highlighting them, often creating abstract compositions. This then gives the viewer a new frame of observational reference. 


Hopefully, my creative endeavors will inspire you to share the unseen majesty in our world, particularly architecture.


Thanks for viewing my work.

Margo:Lake Como, Italy, July 2018 copy.j
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